BIO English

BIO/PROFILE: José Luis Arriaga

José Luis Arriaga is a multi-talented individual whose work in film-related arts and institutions is more than a decade strong. He is currently editing in Adobe Premier CC and various Adobe Creative Suite Applications, in addition to working in Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Studio Applications and has been certified in DaVinchi Resolve Color Grading. In the process of José’s editing career, he has worked in international settings with projects in Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

“In any scenario my reliability is based upon excellent time management skills and my well-rounded ability to multi-task. I’m comfortable working both independently and as part of creative team. And my professional, rapport driven relationships with clients and co-workers alike always leads to growth — for me as an editor, as well as for my clients. This is what makes me a top candidate.”

As a freelance editor, José has cut and assisted on various feature films, shorts, documentaries, television spots and industrials for over a decade. His experience editing in projects provides him with a working knowledge of editing techniques in a deadline driven environment. His critical thinking and capacity to problem solve while suggesting creative solutions, combined with his ease in working with like minded individuals makes him an ideal professional.

His professional history proves José an ideal artist teacher. He has regularly contributed his wealth of knowledge and experience to youth arts programs. Along the way he’s created and implemented curricula consisting of writing, storyboarding, video and audio production, and post-production workshops in an effort to promote arts and literacy through the realization of short, student-made videos. José has worked with hundreds of students and their teachers to produce more than 1,000 short videos.

Finally, as former co-owner of the Balazo 18 Art Gallery/SubMission Art Space in San Francisco, California; José’s insight into multiple genres of art compliment his knowledge of creative processes, spaces and current art trends.

José is based out of California and Madrid, Spain.


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